Sub-Zero and Wolf "Reclaim The Kitchen" (2015) 2:15 (USA)

Wolf Ovens want you to reclaim the kitchen by cooking at home. Having grown up in a family that cooked together all the time, I do not understand the concept of someone who claims they don't have time to cook. There are game shows where professional chefs make multi-course dinners in less than an hour. You really trying to tell me you can't make a one course dinner in half that time? Pfft.
Then again, these are usually the same people who binge watch entire seasons of tv shows on Netflix.

Client: Wolf Ranges
Agency: The Richards Group
Agency Producer: David Rucker
Creative Director: Brian Linder
Copywriter: Dave Longfield
Production: The Academy
Director: Brikk
Executive Producer: Mike Holm
Producer: Craig Stevens
Music: Breed-Music
Mix/Sound: Lucky Post

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