Subaru "Take the Subaru" (2016) 1:00 (USA)

From nunchucks to skiis to blowtorches to hair clippers to boyfriends to chainsaws to sledgehammers, there are so many things your parents won't allow you to take because they aren't safe. The Subaru however, is the one thing they're cool with-- even in a rainstorm-- because it's a safe car to drive. Feels like someone over at Carmichael Lynch has some firsthand experience in this matter.

CLIENT: Subaru of America
Senior Vice President of Marketing: Alan Bethke
National Advertising Manager: Brian Cavallucci
Advertising Production Specialist: Michelle Shoultes
Agency: Carmichael Lynch
Chief Creative Officer: Marty Senn
Exec Creative Director: Randy Hughes
Writer/Group Creative Director: Dean Buckhorn
Art Director/Creative Director: Brad Harrison
Head of Production: Joe Grundhoefer
Senior Executive Content Producer: Brynn Hausmann
Director of Business Affairs: Vicki Oachs
Talent Payment Specialist: Jennifer Knutson
Account Management Team: Brad Williams, Adam Craw, Erin Zunich
Product Information Team: Robert Ar, Jonathan Bush
Brand Planning Team: Liz Giel, Meghan McCollum, Maddie Wolf
Senior Project Manager: Allison Sadeghi
Production Company: The Corner Shop
Director: Peter Thwaites
Managing Partner/Executive Producer: Anna Hashmi
Line Producer: Donald Taylor
Director of Photography: Joost Van Gelder
Edit House: Work Editorial
Editor: Arielle Zakowski
Assistant Editor: Louise Robinson
Executive Producer: Marlo Baird
Producer: Brandee Probasco
Telecine: Adam Scott, The Mill
VFX House / Online Artist(s): Steve Medin, Volt Studios
VFX Post Producer: Amanda Tibbits
Audio Mix: Carl White, SisterBoss
Sound Design: Carl White, SisterBoss
Post Production Audio Producer: Annie Sparrows, SisterBoss
Performed by: Carolina Chocolate Drops
Writer: Hannes Coetzee
Music Supervisor: Jonathan Hecht, Venn Arts

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