Suicide prevention "Bridge of life" did not increase suicides by 600% recently ran with the headline The Suicide Prevention Measures That INCREASED Suicide Attempts by 600%. The suicide prevention was the award winning bridge called "Bridge of life", which had so many advertising accolades. As it turns out, the "increase 600"" number was a case of misunderstood in translation.

This article at about this anti-suicide bridge ends with a quote from City officials pleased with the campaigns results: "85 choose to stop people is extremely proactive telephone counseling intervention, the results". In the article, the number 93 refers to the number of people who thought about suicide on the bridge, not the number of people who actually jumped off it and completed the thought. Out of these 93 people, 85 people changed their minds and returned home safely. Actual number of jumpers is 8, and from them 5 died.
Thus, there wasn't an increase in suicide attempts, or successful suicides. There was an increase in how many people the cameras spotted and helped, but in the end less suicide attempts and successful suicides.

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