Super Bowl 2013: Piston Introduces "The Dramatizer" For

As part of a multi agency integrated campaign, Piston introduces The Dramatizer, for .

The car buying and selling site wants to add drama to the Super Bowl, because not every Super Bowl can be as awesome as this one. So with that in mind, adding drama sounds like a good idea.

Piston's ECD David Schafer explains:

We wanted to create a uniquely interactive and entertaining campaign that rewards the audience for clicking while building the brand. Placing the story in the hands of users, viewers can add progressive drama to an otherwise benign scenario. Each ad is like a mini movie. From the production by Superfad to the collaboration with the leadership at, this year's Super Bowl creative is by far the most engaging and memorable to date.”

The media plan includes page takeovers and other high impact units with ESPN, Yahoo News, CBS’, among others and more.

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