Super bowl 50 ad spoiler alert: Who will advertise during the bowl?

Yes, we gave you a video-laden spoiler alert earlier, but since some of the 2016 Super Bowl 50 commercials are already showing up on the Super Bowl Commercials page, we thought we'd give you an update. We know now that LG has hired RSA Films with Jake Scott as director, slated to create work for LG's OLED technology TV : announced here.

Abby Wambach stars in this Mini ad, 90 seconds of declaring labels mean nothing that leads us to the conclusion that we show who we are by the stuff we buy. Okay, I simplified this a little, but that's pretty much the strategy here.

Meanwhile dropped this teaser, we're not sure what to make of it. Kung Fu Panda cobrands his noodle shop by using Wix for a better website, instead of those dangerous fireworks.

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