Super Bowl ads are getting longer, and more expensive, in 2013

Budweiser Black Crown will be introduced during the super bowl, giving us at least one Anheuser-Busch that doesn't contain clydesdales or dog-bites-man jokes. CBS has sold some time slots for as much as $4 million, and while the majority of the ads are still 30-second spots, the trend for longer is better continues. In 2011 Chrysler and Eminem had a two minute salute to Detroit and in 2012 Clint Eastwood spent another two minutes seemingly running for President. Expect more longer ads this year, a trend that has been going on since 2010 when only 10% of the ads were 60 second spots or longer. In 2011 20% were 60 second spots. I've placed a bet at Ladbrokes that there's 25% 60 second spots and two two minute spots this year. Kidding. Ladbrokes has banned me from betting on anything bowl-related.

The teasers are out in full force already, despite the fact that this practice can wear an ad out and get viewers bored with it before they've even seen it. I also hate early releases, as I always say (and did again on the ad brief podcast last week), that's like opening your christmas presents early!

Still, there will be teasers, there always are. Taco Bell has teased with an old man that races around the football field, and Mercedes-Benz has already sent out three strange teasers and one ad with Kate Upton washing a car.

We'll now need to update our spoiler alert list as it's confirmed that Anheuser-Busch InBev will launch Black Crown during the bowl. They also plan two 60-second ads to promote Bud Light. And guess what. Yep. Clydesdale horses are back. Again. These horses have more lives than cats.

More than 60 commercial messages will bombard us with over 47 minutes worth of ads, in 2005 the time spent on ads was only with 40 minutes. With more spots crammed into the game, it take even more to stand out. Perhaps a few tattooed babies foreheads with your message .. or dancing chimp but be careful, the slide into worst super bowl ad of all time can happen quite easily. That Gatorade ad that could have been epic? It was thirty seconds of a dog drinking water during the super bowl. So close to epic, but not quite there.

The super bowl commercial time slot is a gamble, with over two thirds of Americans planning to watch the game, with 59% stating they watch the big game as much for the ads as the action on the field. [ source Harris Interactive]

So viva youth. Viva irreverence. And viva those who actually hit the spot while trying to appeal to e v e r y b o d y. Good luck.

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