Super Bowl advertisers

Curious who's going to be advertising during the big game this year? After a bit of research (well, a lot really), we've got a starter list of advertisers you can expect to see trying to "wow" us with their spots during the Super Bowl on Feb 1st, 2004 on CBS.

Read more to get the gossip.

Anheuser Busch- Five minutes of ads total split between Budweiser and Bud Light. Eight are :30s (3 in Q1, 2 each in the other quarters) and one :60. Agencies you'll see work from include Goodby Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco (word is the ad shows a donkey who gets his wish to become a member of Bud's Clydesdale team), DDB Chicago, DDB Toronto, Fusion Idea Lab in Chicago, HHCC in Boston, Modernista in Boston, Del Rivero Messianu DDB in Miami, Dieste Harmel & Partners in Dallas, and Ornelas & Associates in Dallas. It breaks down to one spot from each agency.

American Legacy Foundation- One :30 spot during the game and one :60 spot during MTV's pre-game show. Not sure which agency is doing which spots but it's going to be Arnold Worldwide (most likely a "Connect-Truth" spot) and Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami.
White House Office of National Drug Control Policy- One :30 spot by Ogilvy&Mather, NY. One :30 post-game spot by FCB NY/Partnership for a Drug Free America.
Viacom/Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation- No news on the length or the agency as of yet. The "Know HIV/AIDS" spot will air during the pre-game.
Phillip Morris USA- One :30 spot done by Leo Burnett USA, Chicago discussing corporate responsibility.
NFL/United Way- One :30 done by Y&R, NY and another :30 spot about volunteerism done in-house.

Prescription Drugs:
Levitra- Bayer and GlaxoSmithKline will air one :30 spot done for them by the Quantum Group, Parsippany, NJ.
Viagra- Pfizer will run one :30 spot by Cline David & Mann, New York.
Cialias- Eli Lilly will air one :30 spot done by Grey Global Group's Healthy Grey Village.

Dot coms:
AOL- Three :30s promoting their new Top Speed done by Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, OR.
Monster Worldwide- Two :30s by Deutsch, NY following their current "Today's the Day" theme, with images of people getting ready to start their day, on the day they get hired. Also will use a new design of Trump, the monster, by John Kricfalusi of Ren & Stimpy fame. One :30 spot by Deutsche, LA.

Pepsi Co- Three and a half minutes total with one :60 in Q1, 120 seconds total in Q2, and one :30 in Q3 by BBDO Worldwide, NY. The spots will be focused on Pepsi, Sierra Mist, and a promotion with iTunes.
Frito-Lay- One :30 spot by BBDO Worldwide, NY focusing on a new chip product.
Charmin- Procter & Gamble Co will have one :30 spot by Publicis Worldwide, NY. They will use the line "Softer on your end zone" and highlight their bear icon as he plays football and is distracted when toilet paper is where the towel should be for the snapper.
Gillette- BBDO, NY has done one :60 brand spot for razors.
IBM- One :30 spot in Q2 by Ogilvy&Mather. New Joe Pitka spot for Linux Prodigy software campaign featuring Mohammad Ali.

Pizza Hut: One :30 spot by BBDO Worldwide, NY to air pre-game promoting their new 4inOne pizza.
FedEx- One :30 spot by BBDO Worldwide, NY focusing on service.
Subway- One :60 spot to air post-game between the end of the game and the trophy ceremony by Fallon, Minneapolis. The spot supposedly makes fun of their own recent ads with men dressed up as cheerleaders after eating at Subway.
Staples- One :30 spot following the "That was easy" campaigns, done by Martin/Williams Advertising, starring Joe Viterelli.
Reebok- No more info at this time. Although they are also the exclusive apparel vendor for the NFL.

H&R Block- One :30 spot by Campbell Mithun, Minneapolis where a celebrity does their taxes. Five :30s all together, most pre-game, as well as sponsorship of a 30 minute segment in a pregame program.
Visa USA- One :30 spot by BBDO Worldwide, NY which will be a branding spot for the credit card.
Nextel- One post-game ad.
MasterCard- One :30 spot in Q4 following their "Priceless" campaign done by McCann-Erickson, NY.
Wachovia Securities- Five :30 spots of their "Uncommon Wisdom" campaign to air pre-game by Mullen, Winston-Salem, NC, as well as sponsoring a pre-game show.

Dodge- Daimler Chrysler will have one :30 spot by BBDO, Troy, Michigan.
General Motors- One :60 spot for Cadillac by Chemistri, Troy, Michigan which is apparently set to Led Zeppelin music.
One :30 in Q1 and another in Q2 for their "An American Revolution" branding effort by Campbell-Elwald, Warren, Michigan for Chevrolet. Plus, one :60 for GMC by Lowe, NY, one :30 for Saturn during the pre-game by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, SF, and three :30 post-game spots for Cadillac by Chemistri, Troy, Michigan. Also, the MVP will get their choice of Cadillac model on the field.
Ford Motor Co.- One :30 during the game and a :60 pre-game spot for their GT sports car by J. Walter Thompson, Detriot.
Mitsubishi- One :30 spot in Q1 by Deutsch for Galant sedan following the campaign which broke Jan. 19th.

NFL- One :30 spot for the NFL Network done in-house.
Major League Baseball- One :30 spot to air during Survivor after the game by McCann-Erickson, NY, featuring Josh Beckett, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez talking about the Super Bowl commercials for Bud and Pepsi while playing whiffle ball.

Movie Studios:
Sony Pictures- Two :30 spots done in-house.
Touchstone Pictures- One :30 spot done in-house.
Universal Studios- Two :30 spots done in-house.
Warner Bros.- Two :30 spots done in-house.
Buena Vista Pictures- One :30 spot done in-house for "The Alamo."
Walt Disney Pictures- No further info at this time.

Ford will sponsor the Super Bowl Kick-Off Show.
AOL will sponsor the Super Bowl Halftime Show. will sponsor the Pay Per View Lingerie Half-time Bowl, which Chrysler pulled out of. will sponsor the Halftime Report.
Cadillac will sponsor the Post-Game Show.

Of course all of this is subject to change, but that's where it stands as of the date this was posted. There's also been talk of Apple airing a spot in homage of the "1984" ad in celebration of their 20 years, which would most likely be done by TBWA/Chiat/Day.

Know of something we missed? Add your gossip in the comments.

Parts in bold are newly added Jan 24th.

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You'll also see McDonalds with a :30 spot called 'Dryer Sheet' - part of their "I'm lovin' it" campaign. And a :30 branding spot in Q4 for 7UP by Y&R, NY. And a :15 spot for Schick Quattro, which has already been airing, by J. Walter Thompson, NY.

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And Ford Motor Co. with one :30 spot for GT sports car by J. Walter Thompson, Detroit.

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I'm guessing Boone/Oakley's Supe Bowl spot's going to air regionally....

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Oh yeah...forgot about them. Did anyone hear who they were doing the ad for?
Goodby Silverstein & Partners, SF is also going to be doing two regional spots (:15s) for Diamond of California, a Stockton nut company and one of the state's largest grower cooperatives, broadcast only in the San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento and Chico markets.

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I read that Expedia will air its first Super Bowl ad this year. But mum is the word.

Also, CBS will be airing a commercial special after the game, replaying all the ads that aired during the game. So, if you had to leave to take a break during the ads in the game, you'll get another chance to see them.

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CBS confirmed these Super Bowl advertisers : Anheuser Busch, Levitra, Cialis, Proctor & Gamble, the American Legacy Foundation, AOL, Chrysler, FedEx Corp., Gillette Co., General Motors Corp., IBM Corp., MasterCard International, Mitsubishi Motors Corp.,, the Office of National Drug Control Policy, Frito Lay, Philip Morris, Reebok International Ltd. and Visa International.

So Reebok, IBM Corp and Mitsubishi Motors are new to our listing here.

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I read somewhere that CBS had turned the winner of Bush In 30 Sec-competition down.

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Bush in 30 seconds winner turned down by Viacom - they had 'issues' with it. ;)

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*mahaha* as you sign that I was reading it on texturl and found the link back here to the story... but only cowards reads all before writing *hiding at the corner of shame*

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MacRumors links to a CNN/Money article that states there will be no Apple ad in the Super Bowl this year. But the article aslo says: "Incidentally, a spokesman for Apple Computer said the company doesn't have any plans to advertise during the Super Bowl to mark the ad's 20th anniversary, but he did inquire how many ad spots were left." So who knows what that means.

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*laffin* Jinx! ;)

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Apple waiting for the price to drop when there's last minute sale? :)

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"the ad wars that typify the game could bring some relief to certain neglected wives and girlfriends--not to mention their husbands and boyfriends--as Cialis, the erectile dysfunction drug that just gained U.S. Federal Drug Administration approval in November, will air ads on Sunday's big game."

A funny perspective from about the fact that the drug-dealers deluxe (the guys not standing in the aisle) is going into sports. A pretty good article at Brand Channel about the medical elephants and the sports.