Super Bowl XLII Commercials - First Quarter

Ok, boys and girls - it's game time!
There were a few notable ads, including Audi, Pepsi Diet Max and Underarmor. We're also twittering the spots as they air here.
First Quarter:
Light - "Fire" - :30 - Pretty much expect type of work for Bud Light (ie. sophomoric humor).
Agency: DDB, Chicago
It's everything you want in a beer, plus the ability to breathe fire. Guy lights candles by breathing fire and then a cat walks by, he sneezes and fire shoots out his mouth as well.

Audi - "Godfather" :60 - Nice spoof of the horse head in the bed, instead with front grill and headlights of a car.
Agency: Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco
Ad promotes the R8 sportscar and is the brand's first Super Bowl spot in 20 years. The ad referenced "The Godfather" and featured actor Alex Rocco, who portrayed the character of Moe Greene in the first Godfather. The spot was shot on location at the Fleur de Lys house in Los Angeles.

Diet Pepsi Max - "Nod" - :60 - Great spot - very Super Bowl-esque and what we have come to expect of the ads.
Agency: BBDO NY
This star-studded spot features Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Missy Elliot and every day people falling asleep. The spot is a nod (pun intended people!) to SNL's "Night at the Roxy", complete with "What is Love" by Haddaway.
Superadgrunts, check out the spot below: - "Search" - :30 - Much better than the drek we had to suffer through last year.
Agency: creative:mint
Animation: Geoff Callan and Daniel Grace, Creative Mint, San Francisco
The concept and copy for the spot was created by Vin Gupta, founder and chairman of the company.
Superadgrunts, see the spot below:

Fox - Sarah Conner Chronicles - No Comment.

Bud Light - "Wine and Cheese Party" - :60 - Not bad, although I think I preferred the "Opera" spot that aired earlier last year. Frankly, Dude and Talk to Animals are much better. Perhaps they should have saved them for the big game.
Agency: DDB, Chicago
The spot follows on others where guys figure out ways to sneak in their Bud Light to "girly" events. In this one, the dude hides his Bud inside a massive cheese wheel, while the other guys at the party have a TV hidden inside a box of wine, etc.

Underarmor - "The New Prototype"- :60 - Good. The ending had a Apple 1984 feel to it.
Agency: In-house
Director/Production: Ericson Core, Backyard Productions, Venice, CA
The spot will promote the upcoming release of its cross-trianer shoe. The spot features 27 athletes including Tom Zbikowski, Jeff Samardzija, Alfonso Soriano, Josh Vitters, and Cat Osterman.

Bridgestone - "Scream" - :30 - One of the best ads I've seen in ages for Bridgestone. So much better than their attemps to try to meld fashion and dancing.
Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas
AD: Shane Altman/ CW:Mike Bales
Director/Production: Kinka Usher, House of Usher
Ad promotes the tire's performance. Ad promotes the tire's performance and their "key messaging" that they are “for drivers who want to get the most out of their cars… it’s Bridgestone or nothing." . "Scream" shows a woman about to hit a squirrel.

Doritos - Kina Grannis - Message from your heart - :60 - Decent, but odd for this venue.
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
"Crash the Super Bowl" contest spot will be a variation on the user-generated commercial. People were asked to create an original song and then the masses were able to vote on their favorite. The winning song will air as a professionally produced music video during the ad slot.

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