Super Bowl XLIII Commercials Review - Fourth Quarter

Regional ads aired.

Hyundai - "Assurance" - :30
Summary: Spotlight the new "Assurance Program" with a new ad called "Contract." The Assurance Program allows new-vehicle buyers or leasees to return cars for up to a year after purchase if they lose their income due to a job loss. The free coverage is available to all buyers at participating dealerships and covers up to $7,500 in a buyers' negative equity.
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco
Review: Yawwwwwwwwwn.

Coca-Cola Co./Coke Zero - "Mean Troy" - :30

Summary: Coke Zero gets its first ever spot, starring Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu. For the Coke Zero ad, "Mean Troy," Polamalu reprises the part made famous by Pittsburgh Steelers legend "Mean" Joe Greene. The first 12 seconds of mimic the look of the original ad, as it opens with Polamalu limping down a tunnel to the locker room, followed closely by a young fan who offers an ice-cold Coke Zero to his battered hero. All similarities end there as the action takes a surprising turn to humorously reinforce that with Coke Zero, it's possible to have "Real Coke Taste and Zero Calories."
Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky
Review: Interesting take on the classic. Not as nice of a homage as I would have liked to have seen but had it's seconds. Will get buzz just for the fact that it's taking on a classic ad. - "Hammer/McMahon" - :30

Summary: The direct response marketer, which will also run one :60 spot in the pre-game, couldn't put up a 1-800 number in its in-game spot, so used rapper MC Hammer and announcer Ed McMahon to act as pitchmen. Directed by Bryan Buckley.
Agency: Euro RSCG Edge, San Diego
Review: Cheesy. Still think they could have taken it farther but decent for a direct ad.

Vizio - "Value"

Summary: Blah blah.
Agency: Unknown
Review: I hope they didn't spend $3million on that...I can't even remember what I saw to review it a second later. FAIL.

Taco Bell - "No Wait" - :30

Summary: Taco Bell Introduces the Spicy Chicken Enchilada Platter. A guy fast-forwards a relationship thanks to the speed of Taco Bell, which allows him and his date to enjoy a restaurant-style meal without the wait.
Agency: DraftFCB, Irvine
Review: Creepy. Very creepy.

General Electric - "Scarecrow" - :30

Summary: The ad, called 'Scarecrow' focuses on Smart Grid technology, which is a vision for a more efficient, sustainable electrical energy grid. The ad uses The Wizard of Oz song "If I Only Had a Brain."
Agency: BBDO, New York
Review: Ok animation. Idea? Oh, guess you need a brain. Must be nice to have your ad air on the channel you own...wonder what kind of deal that was.

Hulu - "An Evil Plot" - :30

Summary: Backed by NBC Universal and News Corp, rumor has it that "when NBC agreed to create Hulu with News Corp, it gave the site $50 million worth of advertising time whenever it wanted to use it. Sunday's Super Bowl ad will be the first time Hulu taps that $50 million".
Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky
Review: Nice to see Alec Baldwin but, take over the world? C'mon.

GE - "Wind in a Jar"

Summary:First aired in 2007, this spot features a young boy getting wind and bringing it back to his family.
Review: Old ad. Decent spot. Obviously they had unsold ad time and GE came in to fill it.

Pepsi Co. - "PepSuber/MacGruber"

Summary: Pepsi spoofs MacGyver staring Will Forte & Richard Dean Anderson.
Agency: Arnell Group
Review: Nice!!!!!!!! Great spoof with the perfect amount of cheez.

Anheuser-Busch/Bud Light Lime - "Cool" - :30

Summary: Guy walks down the street and it is so cool it starts snowing, because of his beverage, of course.
Agency: DDB, Chicago
Review: Pretty typical beer ad. We've seen this cold thing from everyone before.

GoDaddy - "Baseball/Enhanced" - :30

Summary: Ad spoofs baseball's steroids scandal with an emphasis on a certain part of the female anatomy being "enhanced."
Agency: In-house
Review: Lame. Less lame than some of the ads in the past, at least it relates to something recent but enough already. Really. Please stop. Thanks.

And yes, that's it. We end on a craptacular ad. Fitting for the overall night really.

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Coke spoofing Coke was great, I love that stuff,

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Cash4Gold, is Ed actually dead in that spot?

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I think he took tranquilizers to be able to do those tired old jokes.

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Taco Bell is also serving restraining orders.

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