Super Bowl XLIII Commercials Review - Third Quarter

Coca-Cola Co. - "Avatar" - :30

Summary: In "Avatar," a new ad of the Open Happiness campagin, people take on the look of their avatars as they move through life engrossed in their digital worlds.
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Review: Cute - plays well off the "real thing".

Bridgestone - "Hot Item" - :30


Summary: On Titan, Saturn's largest moon, two music-lovin' space travelers cruise Titan in the ultimate space vehicle equipped with high-performance, intergalactically envied Bridgestone tires.
Agency: Independent Richards Group of Dallas
Review: Decent, but not memorable. Is House of Pain still relevant?

Denny's - "Thugs" - :30

Summary:The ad aims to make fun of the "candy breakfasts" offered by competitors - pancakes and whipped cream - and instead will focus on the "real breakfast" served by Denny's - its longtime bacon-and-egg fare. The campaign, which continues beyond the Super Bowl, will feature voice-overs by actor Burt Reynolds. Denny's intends to use the Super Bowl ad to make a consumer offer to the game's audience.
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Review: Casting is good. But will it change people's perception of Denny's?

Monster - "Moose" - :30
Summary: Top dog in office has moose head on the wall, reveals to see that the ass part is over some poor schlobs desk.
Agency: BBDO
Review: Funny on the reveal. Nice use of that.

Anheuser-Busch/Budweiser - "Clydesdales Generations" - :60

Summary: The as shows America’s first-generation immigrants arriving at The Battery in a boat. As the immigrants take in the glory of the Statue of Liberty and make their way through this new world of opportunity, we’re given a glimpse of just how many thousands of people came to live here... And were kind enough to bring the Clydesdale horse. Fun fact: This is the second Super Bowl ad this year with actor Bjørn Johnson in it (other is for Castrol Motor Oil).
Agency: Waylon Advertising, St. Louis
Review: Epic. And very "American dream".

Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar - "Race to Witch Mountain" and Pixar's "Up".
Agency: In-house

Paramount Pictures - 'Transformers 2"
Agency: In-house

CareerBuilder - "It May Be Time" - :60

Summary: A koala bear and a co-worker in a Speedo depict surefire signals that it's time to start building a better work situation and go to today.
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Review: Can you relate? I think there's elements of this we all can relate to...minus punching the koala bear ;) Nicely done. A bit repetitious though, could have shown more things or been shorter.

Coca-Cola Co. - "Heist" - :30

Summary: Open Happiness campaign spot of 60-seconds, "Heist," which features music from "Peter and the Wolf," conducted by Robert Miller and performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, a man dozes off in a park only to have insects scheme to make off with his Coke.
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Review: Even if you hate anthropomorphic animal stuff, this is nicely done! Has a bit of epic/timeless feel to it too.

Kellogg - "Plant A Seed" - :30

Summary: Spokescharacter Tony the Tiger asks viewers to go to and nominate a kid's playing field to be rebuilt on Kellogg's dime as part of their "Earn Your Stripes" initiative, where they will renovate 50 fields around the country. In the ad, we see a run-down field morph into a lush playground. SuperBowl09review - Google Docs
Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago
Review: Nice pro bono thing, but is the Super Bowl the right place to air this? How about using your 3 million to put into your charitable actions instead?

NFL - "Usama Young" - :60

Summary: The NFL collected player stories and picked this winner from Usama Young, cornerback for the New Orleans Saints. Young, with his father, talks about what it took for him to get to where he is today. Directed by Joe Pytka.
Agency: BBDO
Review: Decent life story montage. Interesting that the past is in color and the present is in black and white.

Regional Ad Pod:

Heineken - "Warrior/John Turturro" - :30

Summary: This spot airs regionally in 27 local markets. In the ad, Turturro shares his drinking wisdom: "This is not a beer; this is a sword. Wield it with honor. Or cut yourself off."
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Portland
Review: Probably the most sophisticated spot to air in the Super Bowl in years.

Dunkin' Donut - You Kin' Do It Anthem

Amica Award

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Coke like Sobe has a strange fetish for the absurd. Still not attractive to me.

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Bridgestone lays out the phat House of Pain track-very cool. Then we get to see the looted rover, I laughed real hard!

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OK, so Denny's has this thing going, its so-so. they could do so much more if they let the creative people just go. Don't censor them, let them be edgy. Oh no, but we don't want to offend. Offend who? The stoners or the AARPers?

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Thank you for the updated job listings. As the Moose continues to be fed, the outcome(no pun intended) benefits me less and less. As the moose's ass is directly above me, I feel any chances of advancement are impossible here. Looking forward (not up) to new employment, thanks again.

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I want to punch the koala too!

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Thanks Carreerbuilder, funny spot

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Coke showed me that bugs can work together. Now if congress could only...ahh never mind.

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Kellogg figured out how to make metal out of plants. Holy shit!! This could be really usefull.

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Ok. Celebrity Apprentice. So is Jesse James going to make a Trump bike? It's a shame Dennis Rodman isn't in a dress. Imagine a drunk Dice Clay getting it on with a drag queen Dennis?

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are these in order?

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yes. Did you see something missing?

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Hyundai's Assurance thing where you can return the car if you can't pay for it, really sets a bad precedent. We're trying to fix the economy, not f*ck it up more. Idiots.

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i just wanted to make sure that the coca cola was the first commercial in the 3rd

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Yes. :) We not only archive the ads, but try to have a record of the order of airing :)

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Hey Vizio-

Don't you tell me what TV to buy.
Don't tell me my brand new 46" HiDef LCD isn't as good as yours.
Go f*ck yourselves.
Snooty ads don't work.

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Was this the year the Conan Times Square ad aired? Can't find it.

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Yes, the Conan ad aired in the first quarter. The ad can be found here in the archive.

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Thank you!