Super Bowl XLVII: Ads of 2013

It's about that time of year when we start our spolier alert of upcoming Super Bowl ads. Currently about 95% of Super Bowl XLVII spots for 2013 are sold. The 30-second slots are going for a record $3.7 million to $3.8 million vs. an average $3.5 million during the 2012 broadcast on NBC. GM will be sitting on the sidelines this year as they feel the cost just isn't worth it.

So far, here are the companies you'll see dropping cash for air time:
Coca-Cola with 3 30-second spots. All we know is that they won't be bringing back the polar bears this year and a spokeswoman said the beverage giant will be in the game “with a new approach.” Agency: Wieden + Kennedy (source)

Best Buy is in the lineup, but no specific news. Stay tuned for more. (source)

Anheuser-Busch InBev will likely have a handful of spots as usual spread out among their different beverage lines. Perhaps some of the time will be used to showcase their new Budweiser Black Crown, similar to using it as a launch for the Platinum beer in last year's ad bonanza. More to come as we hear about it.

PepsiCo.'s Pepsi will be half time sponsor with Beyonce performing. Supposedly, she will also star in an ad set to air during half time as well, and you can see a rumored shot of her on set here.

PepsiCo.'s Frito-Lay/Doritos will be back with two "Crash the Superbowl" spots. Submissions have closed and now they've got voting open on their site

Audi of America Agency: Venables Bell & Partners (source)

Hyundai/Kia (source) with one 30-second ad possible kicking off a new campaign. Agency: mcgarrybowen, who was named the site's agency of record in May of this year. (source) says it will be toning down the content a bit to focus on its products but we'll still see Danica Patrick in at least one of two 30-second spots purchased. Then again, their definition of "toned down" may vary from your own. Agency: Deutsch NY (source)

Chrysler Let's see who they pull out this time for their "Imported from Detroit" campaign. Last year's ad featured Clint Eastwood and the year before that they used Eminem (and are still using his music in the ads running now). Agency: Wieden & Kennedy (source)

Century 21 Returning to The Big Game for the 2nd year in a row, Century 21 will debut a 30-second spot early in the third quarter. Additionally, multiple CENTURY 21 pregame commercials and a one hour pregame show sponsorship will tell story of Century 21 agents. Agency: Red Tettemer of Philadelphia (source)

Volkswagen, and reportedly the brief said "No dogs". We'll see. Agency: Deutsch LA (source)

Mercedes Benz will air a spot featuring Kate Upton (and potentially Usher) with a "tongue-in-cheek depiction of how far a person might — or might not — go to get their heart’s desire" (read: Upton). (source)

OREO Cookies will mark it's first appearance in the Super Bowl ad fiesta. Earlier in October, it was reported that Mondelez International is pitting longtime ad agency of record, DraftFCB against Wieden + Kennedy to duke it out for the honor of developing the ad which will air. (source)

Sketchers will bring back Mr. Quiggly to promote the GOrun Performace footwear. (source)

Nothing confirmed but likely: Bridgestone, E-Trade, and Career Builder.

If you have news, let us know by emailing us or posting it in the comments.

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With any luck the car ads will be decent. The soda-pops and Godaddy ads we all know are predictable shite every year.

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What is that word you taught us, SKÄMSKUDDE? I will have min ready for the Samsung spot.