Suzuki spot amended for misheard swear word

A Suzuki spot by Nexus/H has been pulled in the UK. Viewers complained they heard a man say "I fucking love you" at the end of the spot. Nexus/H had amended the spot before the Broadcasting Advertising Clearance Centre reviewed the spot, which had replaced the speaking with laughter. The agency claims that at no point did they use the "F-word", and the sound viewers misheard was laughter. SuperAdgrunts, check out the ad below and see what you hear.

See the pre-censored swear word spot here (click the image)

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Laughter. Just plain ol' laffs. Harmless.

We get this ad in Sweden as well, where the "song" is subtitled to carry a sales pitch of what this stupid car is, what a wonderful world is subtitled "vilket underbart drag" (What lovely speed) and stuff like that.
I've always thought that it was a bit odd, not because of the subtitle bit, but because the only person you really hear singing is that asian looking brunette driving in the rain. Perhaps they dubbed out all the other voice-overs because of this f*cking controversy?

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Yup. All I hear is "I love you"...but the giggling "I" is probably what folks were hearing.

That's strange that they subtitle it like that. I suppose if you didn't know English it might be ok, but for those who know both, it's got to make the company look somewhat foolish.

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We have the same ad on air in Bulgaria these days !
Without any problems ...