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Swiss Life "Retirement Trainees" (2016) 2:36 (Germany)

So what is it like to live with pensioners enjoying their golden years? Dreary, right? Not so. To prove this, insurance company Swiss Life and Jung Von Matt/Limmat invited four young people, retirement trainees if you would- to check it out. The people they meet are of course extraordinary. From the fashion maven, to the 96 year old still hitting the gym and wishing he could meet a nice lady above the age of 70, to a music nerd who dj's at a club for retirees with dementia, to a man of god who sings in the choir and rings the bells in the church belfry-- these are the kind of interesting people you want to know at retirement age, and these are the people you want to be. Really nice work. If you go to proberentnern you can learn more, and see the other videos, although they aren't subtitled.

Staff involved at Swiss Life
Elke Guhl (Chief Marketing Officer)
Stefan Erhart (Head of Brand Experience)
Patrick Comboeuf (Head of Digital Experience)
Martin Läderach (Head of Communications Switzerland)
Andi Giger (Events & Sponsoring Manager)
Anina Senn (Marketing Manager)
Staff involved at Jung von Matt
Alexander Jaggy (executive creative direction)
Pablo Schencke, Marco Zimmerli, Samuel Christ (creative direction)
David Hanselmann, Annina Walker (art direction)
Mateo Sacchetti (copy)
Tanja Jablanovic, Andrea Klainguti (graphic design and screen design)
Simone Jehle, Sam Sherbini, Fiona Gottwald, Jan Rohleder, Sebastian Suter (consulting and
project management)
Joël Frey, Daniela Chiani, Cosima Lang, Annika Mentel, Liên Burkard (media relations,
influencer marketing, event conception and content and story flow)
Ralf Brändli, Simon Caminada (technology)
Sarida Bossoni, Evelyn Schneider (art buying)
External partners
Plan B Film (production)
Chris Niemeyer, Nicolas Steiner, Barbara Kulcsár, Christophe M. Saber (Directors)
Jingle Jungle (sound studio)
ZipMedia (media)
Webrepublic (media)

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