Syoss Care Wash - Get syossed (2016) 1:30 (Switzerland)

Anyone want to get washed and dried like they're going through an automated car wash? I think it would be fun but I have it on good authority that some people find that experience terrifying. And hey, when its automated it means you don't have to deal with people. Sweet!

Staff involved at Henkel
Christian Volk (marketing manager)
Virginia Winkelmann (brand manager for hair care)
Staff involved at Jung von Matt
Samuel Christ (executive creative direction)
Johannes Dörig, Andrea Klainguti (art direction)
Tanja Jablanovic (graphic design)
Monika Arnold, Julia Grass (consultation)
Julia Fischhaber (media and blogger relations)
Stefan Näf, Romana Weber (strategy)
Simon Caminada (technology)
Deborah Herzig (art buying)
External partners
Shining Pictures (production)
Simon Nagel (director)
Andrea Monica Hug (photography)
Minea Jud (blogger)

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