TAKE5 "Remixer" (2016) :30 (USA)

Hershey relaunched the TAKE5 bar this year under the campaign idea of remixing everyday experiences. Now they've done the same thing with the actual packaging. Created in partnership with IPG Media Labs and Novalia, the TAKE5 Remixer uses conductive ink to create music on the spot.

It's limited release of course, but the TAKE5 Remixer allows users to immediately remix music with built-in speakers. No app required, either. It runs on batteries. because it's old school like that.

The TAKE5 Remixer made its debut at Hotel Thrillist. 500 lucky guests got their own Remixer. But if you weren't part of that exclusive party you still have a chance to win one if you retweeting @TAKE5 using #RemixerSweepstakes. But hurry. Tomorrow is your last day to win. You've got good odds though. At press time so far, Take5's original post has only been rewteeted 44 times.

The Hershey Company
Director of Marketing - Dan Mohnshine
Associate Brand Manager - Travis Rape
Brand Manager - Chris Kinnard
Digital Communications Manager - Katy Lee
Sr. Manager Communications - Anna Lingeris

Executive Creative Director - Jason Elm
VP/Creative Director - Katy Hornaday
Art Director - Tanya Karpitskiy
Copywriter - Zack Browne
EVP Account Leadership - Mike Goff
SVP Group Account Leader - Bryan Herrman
Account Director - Tyler Cook
Account Supervisor - Julie Ray
EVP/Strategy + Creative - David Weaver
Strategist - Molly Griffin
Creative Production Director - Dustin Schirer
Motion Designer - Michael Martin
Producer - Dany Gimeno
PR Account Director - Anita Strohm
PR Account Supervisor - Tyler Bowser
VP/Engagement Director - Melanie Klein
Social Content Director - Marianne Gjerstad
Content Manager - Brandon Painter

IPG Media Lab:
Executive Producer - Margaux Ravis
Client Services Director - Samantha Holland

Creative Director - Scott Varland
CEO/Inventor - Kate Stone
Designer - Madeleine Kelleyan

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