Target - Olevia / Zune - (2008) :30 (USA)

WHY is Olevia spelled Ölevia? If you can't pronounce the ö (which few people who don't speak Swedish can) then please leave it alone. Do you call it ölevia? Hands up everyone who think they know how that should be pronounced! I'm sick of "rock dots" used to make things look cool, these are letters you silly people.

Client: Target
Spot Title(s): Olevia/Zune, Virgin/Logitech
Air Date: August 2008

Agency: Peterson Milla Hooks
Art Director: Bethany Nagy
Co-EP(s): Gary Tassone, Aldo Hertz
Creative Director: Dave Peterson

Prod Company: A Very Small Office
Director: Mikon van Gastel
EP: Saffron Case
Producer: Joanna Fillie
Line Producer: Henri Dragonas

Editorial: Version2
Editor: Tina Mintus
Assistant Editor: Staley Dietrich
Bumper Editor: Tony Gannon

Post/Effects: Version2
Creative Director/Lead Inferno: Kieran Walsh
CD: Ed Manning
After Effects Artist: Mike McKenna
Flame: Nikk Schlumpf, Randie Swanberg, Aniello Zampella
Head of Production: Frank Devlin
Producer Michele Watkins

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Hell. People in Dalarna can't pronounce "ö" right either :)