TBWA are not ageist - Recruitment ad - (2004) 0:54 (UK)

So you're a young hot shot, huh? Think you can sell one of Beatties' batty ideas? Ice cubes to Eskimos? TBWA London are looking for talent, and not their age as they prove with their latest recruitment video.

Director: Cris Mudge from Mustard

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Hahaha! Nice! Love that the kids toy car has an alarm on it too. :)

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he's an adorable little lad. It would have been fun if there had been a scene at the coffee-machine where he's hitting on a female Exec in the same age bracket.... ;)

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Excellent spot! The ad business is pretty rough though...he might burn out by the time he's ten!

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he he he -- i love that alarm thingie too.
and, yes, that fisher-price golf thingie.
i want one!

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