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TBWA Lisbon, Portugal - The blogging ad agency

This month in our spotlight on series - our very first spotlight actually - we have chatted a bit with Leandro Alvarez , the Creative Director of TBWA Lisbon in Portugal, and a few of his collegues (Thanks Sergio Santos for the help). TBWA has a blog called TBLOGWA at TBWA.pt, and quite a few stunning poster campaigns to show off.

DB: Show us TBWA's creative hot spot. Where are the ideas born?

DB: Since TBWA Lisbon is part of a posse - TBWA worldwide - I wonder,
what you think is currently the best TBWA worldwide ad, and what is
currently the best to come out of TBWA Lisbon.

LA: Although I would love to say that my film for IKEA called Exorcist is the best TBWA ad in the whole world, I must admit that "Mountain" for PS2 is really amazing.

DB: How did a Brazilian end up in Portugal? Were you headhunted over, or did you get a case of the travel itch? Did you go straight to TBWA? Finally, I hear that Brazilian creatives work hard all day and night (it might be a myth), how would you compare Portuguese creatives work ethics? Or are creatives equally crazy all over the world?

LA: I simply answered an ad in a brazilian advertising newspaper and was hired for Y&R. At that time they were the best agency and there were a lot of brazilian creatives working there. Today the guys that were in the same room with me are all presidents, creative directors and film directors. I believe that creative departments are all alike around the world. If they are good, people work hard day and night.

Condom campaign from TBWA portugal. Click on the images to see larger versions. Tag: "Harmony. Love with safety"

Bodycopy: Harmony condoms are made with the strongest natural latex and tested accordingly to the EN 600:1996 for your total safety."

Harmony condoms are made with extra elastic natural
latex, totally leak proof. CLAIM: Harmony. Love with safety.

DB: The old wise words that even Bernbach said is that advertising should be different to stand out. With this follows that an agencies culture should be different. What does TBWA do different within the agency?

LA: TBWA is probably the most different network in the world at this moment. We have a work philosophy called Disruption, that is based in the belief that the market and the society are conditioned by some conventions that should be broken. Like selling videogames to adults, for instance.

DB: Show us some work you've done!

This campaign for BIC carries the headline: "Some stories are written to last. Others aren't. Bic since 1950"

Etic - art & communication school: Be born again

Bodycopy: Take a Cinema degree at Etic. If you want to start a new life, take a degree course in cinema, video, advertising, multimedia or animation at Etic. Go to www.etic.pt and find what you have born for

Nokia must FM Get tuned in wherever you are.

Volvo S60

Bodycopy: Introducing the first car that reads the road 500 times per second. New Volvo S80 with C4 Active Suspension.

These print ads for the Toy Museum are also in Lürzers Archive.

DB: There has been a lot of discussion in the media and the world about advertisings "moral" responsibilities. Sexist ads are slammed, spam is universally hated, and "ad creep" where soon every public area carries an ad is getting people worried. While this is a fuzzy question, we'd like to hear your input on this, do you think advertising has a "moral responsibility"?

LA: Yes, it has. You should never do an ad that offends people. That's pure logic: if you are trying to seduce consumers you simply can't do it in a nasty way. There's a thin line between provocative advertising and bad taste, and creatives have to be really careful to not cross it.

More Campaigns from the creative hothouse TBWA Portugal.

"Summer hits" for RFM radio

Ikea 2005

Radio Renascença

Tagline on each one: We are proud to introduce our renewed programmes for 2004
The photos were digitally manipulated to make the famous radiohosts look like they did 30 years ago, when they were teenagers!

Evening Talkshow with Cristina Abranches de Almeida. MON-FRI at 2 PM.

Posters for the Special Olympics

Headline: Faster, higher, stronger. Inside.
Bodycopy: Our mission is to stimulate and develop the bodies and minds of mentally disabled people. If you have a friend or relative in this situation or are willing to help us, call 21 362 9424.

Thanks for the chat Leandro , great work TBWA Portugal. Hat tip to Hidden© for putting me in touch.

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kamari's picture

I really like that BiC campaign and Radio RFM stuff. Simple ideas that can be done in thousands of variations, classic - good call.

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Love the work...especially etic. Simply beautiful.

Andreas-Udd's picture

Visually stunning stuff! *applause*

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Leandro makes a lot of sense and sounds like a nice guy to work for... The work speaks volumes, great simple ideas visually stunning. The special olympics one is fab.

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Yeah the RFM stuff is funny - I think my favorite might be the toy museum though. I just love the look of those old toys and want to see more of them = visit museum. There's a sale right there.

caffeinegoddess's picture

Outstanding stuff. I like the BIC, Nokia and Special Olympics stuff a lot. Thanks to TBWA Lisbon for sharing!!