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Technicolor yawns

Clearly I'm not the only one to notice as proven by meganificent's comment - the technicolor yawns are like all other yawns, very contagious. Lets see some triplet rainbows in ads, read more.

First up, 86 the onions ubiquitous campaign for NEC Japan as announced here last November. The campaign went viral as planned, it appeared on high traffic sites such as Metafilter in the west and all over the place in Japan. In the ad titled "Rainbows", you'll find the yawn.

In January of this year the two headed dog campaign started it's run. The site the2headeddog.com opened up. The site was "seeded" by someone not so good at seeding, we received some uninteresting mails to adland (and couldn't be arsed posting about it) and episodes like this one made the business news.

Dude, it's so obvious you work for a viral marketing company it's painful. I love your use of spelling errors [on a previous posting] to look legit. People, Marlon is a MOLE. He is part of a big paid company to come on and get you to see advertising, but here the "advertising" is wormed into his postings. So let me guess this post won't go into the packet you submit to the client (MTV2 in this case I'd guess) to show how successful you were at getting the teen graphic interested. Ciao liar!

Despite all that, the posters that appeared all over NYC attracted some attention and people did see the technicolor yawns in the MTV ads eventually. You can watch the ad here on Adland or in light-borne's portfolio. People suggested I'd Badland this pair already then, but hey - three are better than two right? In the MTV2 campaign even Dog Poo is rainbow colored, much like one of the posters from Smashlab. Rainbow colored shit is still crap.

Smashlabs new ad campaign for themselves as announced here on Saturday. Ouch. I think we've covered this visual .....eh... euphemism now. Don't you? Their examples are rainbow colored shit (human supposedly), snot, sick and sperm.

So how do you think this happened folks? Did everyone have the same thing for lunch?

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The NEC ad actually works, but the 2headed dog and smashlab thing doesn't. Just shows how thin the line is, and how carfeully creatives need to toe it or risk ending up with a technicolor turd.

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Quote from SmashLABs website: A funny thing happened on the way to our new campaign
"After Peter posted them to some industry boards for feedback, they were picked up by bloggers around the world. We've now seen the work debated in Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Portugese, German, French... The strangest part was learning that MTV2 and NEC had run similar campaigns. Eeep! Who would have thought that multicoloured bodily fluids were so topical?"

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Yeah right. Advertising is the art of using old ideas in new ways - why don't just say it?