Teleflora - #OneToughMother - (2016) 2:00 (USA)

In 1970 Vince Lombardi, legendary football player, coach and executive, held a speech about "What It Takes to be Number One". That speech is the backdrop to the one million and one things mothers do for their children. They find them to console them after a fight. They works nights to see their babies during the days. They trek to school with them, come rain, snow or shine. They miss their children when deployed far away. They bring home the bacon. The take pride in your every step and achievement. They are there when you need a hug. This is a very different mothers day ad, thanks to the score and Lombardi. It makes tenacious drudgery the stubborn commitment to be heroic. It shows #OneToughMother to make a point - being a mother isn't all hearts and roses. But Mother's day can be.

Executive Vice President, Head of Marketing: David Dancer
Vice President, Consumer and Florist Marketing: Kelly McKeone
Senior Director, Consumer Marketing: Danielle Mason
Director, Project Management: Eric Santana
Wonderful Agency
President: Mike Perdigao
Senior Vice President, Digital: Brien Grant
Group Director of Experiences: Andrés Conde
Associate Creative Director: Meghann Bass
Creative Director: Frances Perez
Broadcast Producer: Matthew Conrad
Executive Producer: Anne Kurtzman
Associate Director, Digital Production: Jenni Warsaw
Studio M
Executive Producer: Mike Mills
Director: Bryan Reid
Postproduction Supervisor: Mike Cook
Director of Photography: Paul Meyers
Line Producer: Davin Black
Assistant Director: Alex Comery
Production Designer: Shel Greb
Props: Niko Hovartos
Wardrobe: Olivia Hines, Kendal Carse
Hair, Makeup: Kathy Highland
Editor: Mark Pavia, Saints
Assistant Editor: Michael Ofori-Attah, Saints
Colorist: Andrew Exworth, The Vanity
Mix: Bruce Bueckert, Juice Studios
Music, Sound Design: Human

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