Telia Minicall - Quiz Show - (1992) 0:60 (Sweden)

(this ad is both subtitled and translated here in text)

- "And now, ladies and gentlemen, the final quesstion."
- "If our contestant give the right anwer he«s going to walk away with all of this!"
SPX: applause
- It«s a new thrilling round!"
- "Can you hear me?"
- (contestant) "Yes."
- "Now, here is the question. What was the name of the American President who was forced to resign due to involvment in the so called "watergate" scandal?"
- (at home) "Easy easy, write it!"
- "We'll have to have your answer now."
- (contestant) "Noxin".
- "Noxin!? Close, very close. But not right. We'll have to bring in the next contestant instead."
Super + VO.

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