Telstra "Magic" (2016) 1:30 (Australia)

Somewhere life has forced us to grow up and stop believing in magic. But the truth is technology is magical. It connects us and brings us together and inspires us and pulls at our heartstrings and stirs emotions. Telstra, a telecommunications company, has now magically transformed itself (i.e. gotten with the times) into a technology company that offers innovative solutions to all your needs. This is one heck of a brand spot that takes us form here to there (families, business, gran on her VR whatsit, a granddaughter with a gentle giant) and back again. Thankfully from this copywriter's perspective, the rhyming is kept to a minimum, too. Win win.

Client: Telstra
Agency: The Monkeys
Production Company: Revolver
Director: Simon McQuoid
Post Production: Fin
Photography: Toby Burrows
Media: OMD
Design: Interbrand

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