Tesa, "Save a wall" (2016) 1:02 (Italy)

Tesa is an adhesive tape that allows people to avoid damage to their walls by using hammers, nails and drills. Despite this a lot of people are unfamiliar with Tesa's benefits. So FCB Milan created Save a wall. In which they had outdoor walls "run away," because they can't take the abuse any more. Lines like "Help I've run away from home after years of being tortured by an amateur interior decorator," were hung around town where the walls used to be. The take away being a wall has no choice, but you do.
I am hoping something here is lost in translation because in English the lines sound like they were actually written by an victims of domestic abuse. Maybe in the native tongue it's a lot more tongue-in-cheek. Right?

Ad Agency: FCB Milan, Italy
CEO & CCO: Pietro Maestri
ECD: Fabio Teodori
ACD: Gianluca Belmonte
Art Director: Fabio Mazzucchelli
Copywriter: Michele Vicari
Strategic Planner: Paolo Costella
Account Director: Claudia Moscato
Account Manager: Ilaria Vita
AV Production Manager: Cristina Nardi
Print Production Manager: Nicoletta Prada

Case Film Director : Marco Mulas
Fotografia: Stefano Cattelan
Scenografo: Sergio Alfredini
Editor: Gabriele Fonseca

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