Tesco / Homeplus - "Virtual" physical store where you shop by QR codes on posters - Korea

Problem: people don't have time to visit Tesco & shop for food. Insight: people hang around the subway a lot as they commute. Solution: Take the store to them by plastering posters of product shelves all over the subway, and have people stroll around "shopping" by selecting the QR codes of their products using their smart phones. At checkout, they can chose to have their selected groceries delivered or pick them up at their Tesco of choice. Clever. So very clever.

Note! This ad won the Grand Prix media lions 2011. Kudos!

Advertiser/Client: TESCO
Producto: RETAIL
Entrant Company: CHEIL WORLDWIDE Seoul, KOREA
DM/Advertising Agency: CHEIL WORLDWIDE Seoul, KOREA
Executive Creative Director: Joungrack Lee
Art Director: Youna Chung
Art Director: Youbin Bang
Art Director: Yeonjoo Lee
Copywriter: Misu Yi
Photographer: Skyteam
Illustrator: Sungmin Jee
Account Manager: Joowon Han
Creative Director: Youna Chung
Computer Graphic: Moon & Sun

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