The Thanksgiver

You know the drill. It's often a tv spot, or as they say these days because tv is so passé, "a film." But there's also the more quick and dirty website version of the same idea, just embedded in a stand alone site instead of on Youtube.

If it's a website though, it must be a mysterious website. One must ask "from what teenaged bedroom where did this thing come from?" At least for the first two minutes. And then you realize it's too overproduced to be anything other than the usual stuff from an ad agency with too much time on its hands and a yearning to get on FWA.

It would be helpful if said website begins with a song. It doesn't have to be of someone singing, though it can also have someone playing instruments.

Whether it's a site or a "film," the someone in question must always be a slightly eccentric character spokesman who is more often than not, talking to camera.

Oh and the dialogue should be wacky. Because that's fresh. And people haven't heard enough wacky dialogue in advertising.

If it is a mysterious website it would be good to offer the viewer/user simple choices in an effort to get them to engage with the site. Choices like "yes" or "no" or "skip." Easy choices. Second grade choices.

Behold! The formula for success! The formula that we should stick a fork in and turn over, once and for all, because it is officially done.

This is true of the The Thanksgiver. and anything that will come after it.

If we do that, then we'll all be thankful. Promise.

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