TheSpecSpot is open - rate others and add your own Spec films.

Planet Blue, a commercial post house in Santa Monica has created a site called TheSpecSpot where anyone can rate and add their Spec commercial work. The purpose of the site is to lend a helping hand to new, and no-so-new commercial directors to get exposure and feedback from the likes of you adgrunts. You can browse all the current films and rate them on creative idea as well as execution, they range from the sublime to outrageous. All films are in QT.

This iPod ad is worth a look - go rate it.

It's not the only experiment, they're also working on retooling Hyperchannel, a widget that puts video content directly on your desktop to be more of a "broadcasting for the masses" technology, where a trusted content source (a video-blogger) could put content on their Hyperchannel, and have it delivered to all who subscribe to their hyperchannel. Right now this toy is in Windows only but you can expect a Mac version sometime in September.

update: The comments below recommend you to take a gander at these films. (make a comment to share you fave or least fave!)

Tent - Compaq


Circuit City

Bud Beer - "Down Boy"

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Sport's picture

I poked around there for quite a while. Some ads were really dreadful, but I did find a few that were pretty good. This ad for Compaq for example, called "Tent". Which one is your favorite?

Dabitch's picture

I'll tell you which one I think is the worst gag of them all - though it just might make people chuckle. The aptly titled "Balls".

Neo's picture

This one has potential Reebook, man was meant to move.

My favorite might be Not that cheap... But close. Been done before, ideawise, but the accent made it.

Dabitch's picture

Ok - Its probably not PC to laugh out loud at this one. But it was just so silly, and the wifes sadistic smirk at the end "I forgot, here's the remote" just seals it.

"Bud Beer - "Down Boy""

Sport's picture

Someone needs to explain the triple amputation bit to me in that ad.. Or maybe I don't want to know.

andromeda's picture

I like simple stuff, Like this Audi ad

kamari's picture

Simple is good - it's the reason I like this Nike Surfer ad.

Dabitch's picture

The Maidenform - I'm a girl commercials made me chuckle. I think theres a picture of me in a getup like that somewhere. Gawd.

aiiobo's picture

Quirky and funny usually works for me.

Like Adidas Old School

FoxyFox's picture

Big ideas and no result (the site, not the spec spots) Whatever happened to Hyperchannel?