They turned $2,000 dollars into $1 Million dollars.

It's official, the Doritos ad with the most votes in USA TODAY's Super Bowl Ad Meter was the "Crystal ball" Doritos ad reports USAToday.

Gee, if I had only known that a ballbusting groin-shot joke could garner me a million dollars! I've done that! As usual though, way too early, my kick in the balls was created 1995. I feel cheated now. *pout*

Seriously though, this quote should be a nice piece of flamebait:

Rick Condos of Goodby Silverstein & Partners, the agency that helped launch the Super Bowl contest and its website, said the winning Doritos ad shows how content created by consumers has come into its own.

"We actually saw this year how technology is helping consumers create things to the point you don't know what's consumer-generated and what's not," says Condos."

The jammy bastards who won the million are not forgetting their homies.

They're also going to give some cash to the ad's cast and crew, who got only free food for the day-long shoot.

Aw. That's right guys, remember who helped you get there.

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