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Thijs Biersteker "Periscopista installation" (2016) (The Netherlands)

With Periscopista, Thijs Biersteker and Amp.Amsterdam won the first ever Grand Prix run by pioneering festival Down the Rabbit Hole, an award show to encourage artists to push the possibilities of festival art installations.

With this interactive installation the aim was to break down any boundaries between the festival and the crowd, by designing a mist installation that is as curious about you as you are about it. When you look at the installation, it "looked" back. If you pay attention to it, it would show off its psychedelic side. It was also triggered by sound and movement.

“Periscopista is an homage to curiosity. She is peeking from the lake at the festival world and bursting with enthusiasm into a misty cloud, inviting interaction from the crowd through periscopes on the shore, now every visitor can influence the festival surrounding” says Thijs Biersteker, artist.

The installation was designed to be sustainable and with room for annual expansion, as new pieces can be added to the framework indefinitely. The installation was built by the Better Future Factory using old plastic bottles and even car dashboards to 3d print the elements of the installation. Furthermore, they designed it in a modular fashion, so it can live on and be edited during the years to come.

The Periscopista installation was chosen as G RAND PRIX winner of the Down The Rabbit Hole Festival in Amsterdam.

The visuals morphed according to the movements, recorded by motion capture cameras, of festival goers; the audio was an ambient bed that subtly changed as crowd noise picked up by several microphones increased and diminished. Together with partner Univate, the sensors, hidden in poles around the festival terrain, provoked the interaction between the installation and the people, with live streams giving video input on the screen, and motion sensors and audio input influencing the animations. In charge of the beautiful illustrations, were the in­house illustrators of Down the Rabbit Hole Festival, the two talented brothers Merijn and Juriaan Hos.

I wish I would have been there to see it.

Artist: Thijs Biersteker
Sound Design & Project: Amp.Amsterdam
Festival: Down The Rabbit Hole
Construction: Better Future Factory
Technical Production: Univate
Mist Screen: DTL Laser
Animation and Graphics: Merijn Hos , Jurriaan Hos, Thijs Biersteker

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