Thorn works with Welcome to Orange County

Thorn has made it official, them and Welcome to Orange County, the European exploration agency in Copenhagen Denmark, are an item.
A campaign to re-launch the Thorn brand is scheduled to break this summer across Norway and Sweden but here at AdLand you can have a sneak peak already. This partnership entails all of Thorn's marketing activities in Norway & Sweden

Thorn - Abandonment

"A lot of people hear the term "rental" and pretty much stop listening. Our job was to find a way to get past the mental roadblocks and reveal a side of Thorn they've never bothered to see. The many enhancements to Thorn's business, made possible by the re-finance, makes that job even easier. We've tried to reflect that positive change outward" explains Michael Lee, a partner at Welcome to Orange County.

Produktion house: Flodell Film, Stockholm, Michael Flodell
Director: Jørn Hagen - also repped by Academy in London

Thorn - Answering Machine

Thorn - Camp fire

Thorn - Fishing Boat

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