Thyme Maternity "Beautiful as life" (2016) :45 (Canada)

In which advertising tells us how it feels to be pregnant. I can't speak for myself since I'm a dude but I would very much like to know what Dabitch, who gave birth to her daughter, thinks of this ad. I think it's very trite and not very insightful and you could swap any maternity clothes store for Thyme Maternity here but that might just be me. It's not a very deep insight.

Client: Thyme Maternity
Agency: Sid Lee

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Correct, it's not setting Thyme apart from any other maternity clothing brand at all - plus the clothes were kind of whatever.

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Does functional difference matter, as long as we remember the brand? Just putting that out there. Some will argue, no. Still, we can debate product differentiation for the next 9 months if you like.

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Why would I remember the brand when the spot wasn't doing much of that elusive "branding" either? Generic stuff + logo & payoff at the end doesn't automatically = branding. Also, at the end of the pregnancy+right after birth ain't nobody feeling "as beautiful as life" honey.