Tiffany and Co "Lady Gaga for HardWear" (2017) 1:00 (USA)

Lady Gaga is a rebel and always wants to challenge the status quo, which is why she starred int he Super Bowl halftime and in this black and white ad for Tiffany. In it, Lady Gaga talks about how strange and out there she is. Which is so super self-conscious it just makes everyone realize how calculated the whole thing is. But I have to say this latest incarnation of Gaga is less sleazy and more sophisticated, so there's that.

Client: Tiffany and Co

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Tiffany's sells expensive items, that are meant to last. Silver frames, diamond rings, pearl necklaces. These are things that are supposed to be classic when they cost half a paycheck, or two. To have someone talking about changing and being different when you sell items that might become family heirlooms is so off the planning map I bet their strategist has a fake British accent.