Tipp-Ex - Teenage pregnancy / Bride / One night stand - print, South Africa

The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town, suggest that Tipp-Ex can erase all of life's mistakes. Seems that every mistake made here has to do with sex! Teenage pregnancy? Call Tipp-Ex! One-night stand, nothing a little Tipp-Ex can't fix. Tipp-Ex is there for the bride who regrets her choice of groom too, of course. Oversell the product advantage much?

Michael Meyersfeld : Photographer
Wayne Troskie : Illustrator
Graham Victor Warsop : Executive Creative Director
Tom Cullinan : Creative Director
Dana Cohen : Art Director
Shane Durrant : Copywriter

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This campaign does not work for me at all! Well maybe its just me but I cant simply stand ads that touch emotional subjects like teenage pregnancy, or marriage etc simply to sell their products !! Oh wait maybe tipp -ex can erase it!! Problem solved

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I'm not a fan either for the same reason. (but I love your avatar!)

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thank you I love your site ;0)

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It's the obvious solution and a cheap attempt at being "edgy". Yawn. Just like those fake Wite Out ads from a couple years ago.