Toronto Zoo - Bugs Rock/Hiss You (2007) 1:40 (Canada)

Ever hear a cockroach sing a country ballad?

Agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto
Chief Creative Officer: Geoffrey Roche
Creative Director: Christina Yu
Associate Creative Director: Joseph Bonnici
Art Directors: Chris Avgerinos, Basil Cowieson
Copywriter: Rob Sturch
Producer: Christie Gawenda
VP, Planning: Janet McNally
Business Manager: Sam Pollock
Director: Christopher Hutsul
Production Company: Reginald Pike, Toronto
Director of Photography: Pat McGowan
Producer: Ros Hegan
Executive Producers: James Davis, Tory Osler
Editorial: Ross Birchall, Bijou Media Arts, Toronto
Music/Sound Design: Chris Tait, Drew Frohman, Pirate Radio and TV, Toronto
Web Design: Chris Avgerinos

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awesomly hilarious.