Tourism Queensland - flasher stunt, Australia

The Objective: To make Queensland the number one choice for a winter holiday.
The Idea: To have bikini-clad ladies and bathing suited boys in heavy coats flashing people all over town. 24 male and female models ran about Melbourne and Sydney flashing people, targeting commuters in the chilly gray mornings.

The trench coats were lined with a Queensland backdrop, putting the swimsuit clad models on the beach.
The Flashers also handed out business cards, directing commuters to the tourism Queensland website where they could win a winter holiday to Queensland.

The Results: The event gained coverage from all major media networks, including prime time TV reports, plus newspaper coverage.

Agency: CumminsNitro Brisbane

Nancy Hartley (Executive Creative Director)
James Burchill (Creative Director)
Ralphie Barnett (Art Director)
Trent Hendrick (Copywriter)

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