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What do you do if you're Tower Isles and your competitors are trying to pass off their inferior beef patties as yours?

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I've always been a fan of Tower Isles beef patties. They sell them in pizzarias all over New York City and the company also has a successful frozen food business.

Tower Isles may have a problem with lookalike products, so the company recently started to imprint their logo on each and every one of their patties! As far as I know, they're the market leader in the category. I guess they're trying to protect themselves from counterfit patties.

Imagine if everyone started doing this?

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Heh, I guess cheap restaurants that used to serve Tower Isle's patties will have to use another brand now lest their secret be revealed. ;) [kidding of course]

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you wuss! mild!? ;))

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It's only a matter of time before that trippy idea of branding the eggyolk will happen.

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