Toyota C-HR Crossover- Cinderella (2017) :60 (USA)

I don't know what Toyota wants to tell me with this ad and I have a feeling they don't know either. In the opening scene, we learn that "Cindy" has no dress, so of course she can not come. Cindy has other ideas and rides her All-New Toyota C-HR Crossover to a friends house, stop at a hardware store, and as they drive to the party arrange a dress out of duct tape and tarpaulin. As Cindy enters the party she steals the show, and the evil step-sister who waved her away at the start is now gobsmacked. As am I, because I kinda think you're telling me that a cross-over is made from duct tape and tarpaulin here.

Client: Toyota

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Thank you! That's exactly what I thought when I watched the commercial. Doesn't make sense at all.