TP-LINK "Bedroom" (2016) :15 (USA)

Here's the 15 second cutdown of the :30 second "Bed," in which a couple's sexy time music keeps buffering until their internet guy fixes it. And then stays around for the show, so to speak.

Agency: Battery
Executive Vice President Lewis Wu
Sr. Digital Marketing Manager Crystal Whitcomb
Art Director Kunsung Kim
Digital Marketing Specialist Michelle Johnson
Chief Creative Officer: Philip Khosid
Chief Executive Officer: Anson Sowby
Creative Director/Copywriter Raymond Hwang
Creative Director/Art Director Bernie O'Dowd
Director of Strategy: Philip Ser
Account/Planning Director Jessica Pezzullo
Executive Producer: Judy Gotten
Associate Producer Mackenzie Busch
Production Company Wavemaker Creative
Director: Ira Rosensweig
Executive Producer Tracey Karka
Editor: Ira Rosensweig
Color: Company 3
Sound: Beacon Street Studios
Sound Designer: Rommel Molina
Executive Producer/Sound Erin Reilly
Music: South Music & Sound Design

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