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Traeger Grills - “Tastes Like Gas” (2019) :70 (USA)

The idea behind Traeger Grills tongue-in-cheek “tastes like gas” line is quite simple - we all know that wood-fired BBQ tastes better, and suggesting that gas grilled “tastes like gas” reminds us of this. See, Traeger is the original and best wood-pellet grill available, and to tell everyone this the Traeger team collaborated with Nate Morley, Public Address, and Los Angeles-based GenPop, who has worked with big names like Marvel and Beyonce, to make this gassy-pun vision come to life.

Traeger, CEO: Jeremy Andrus
Traeger VP, Brand Marketing: Hjalmar Hedman
Traeger, Creative Director: Sam Rodgers

Traeger EVP, Product, Sales and Marketing: Denny Bruce

Director: Nate Morley 
Director: Patrick Brice
Producer: Rick Brown

Production Company: GenPop
Executive Producer: Nick Moceri 
Creative Director: Nate Morley
Creative Director: Ben Conrad
Writer: Nate Morley

Director of Photography: Adam Frisch
Production Designer: Kris Starr Davila
Wardrobe Stylist: Ela Erwin

Editorial: Nomad Editing Co. 
Editor: Jared Coller
Assistant Editor: Noah Phillips-Edwards
Post Producer: Tanner Gordon

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