Trailer "I Am Battle Comic" (2017) 3:44 (USA)

Here's a pretty cool thing-- a documentary about a bunch of stand up comedians who play for U.S. Troops around the world in some of the most unfavorable conditions, i.e. war called I Am A Battle Comic. Directed by Superlounge Co-Founder and commercial veteran, Jordan Brady, this was filmed in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq. This is the third in a series which started with I Am Comic and I A Road Comic And if that weren't awesome enough. In addition to being a former stand up comedian and filmmaker, Brady's directed over 1000 national TV spots. He not only shot but produced and edited I Am Battle Comic. So he's no slouch.
The documentary features George Lopez, George Wallace, Dave Attell, and Wayne Federman among others.

Brady comments: “Making I AM BATTLE COMIC was a life-changing experience. Physically being on the ground hammered home the reality of the situation and meeting troops from a variety of backgrounds - Brits, Canadians, Italians, Afghanis - made me realize what tremendous personal sacrifices these men and women make in order to do their jobs. The great thing about comedy is its universal power to unite, so if we, as comedians, could take their minds off what they were facing for one moment through laughter, then that’s just one small way that we could give back. We wanted to recognize the important work that National Military Family Association, Operation Gratitude and other charities are doing, supporting troops and their families throughout and, importantly, after their service. I hope that I AM BATTLE COMIC sparks conversation and donations.”

The premiere on Wednesday 5th April 8PM at the Main Art Theatre, Royal Oak, Detroit, MI, which will be moderated by Chuck Meehan, EVP & ECD of Doner. It will be followed by a series of screenings in different cities. Each event will be moderated by an ad industry heavyweight and followed by a Q&A with Brady and several comedians involved in the film. I AM BATTLE COMIC will be available for digital download June 2nd.

And if this isn't awesome enough, 100% of theater screenings and 50% from download purchase to non-profit charities that help military families and veterans. So click on the link and see if it's playing in your city.

After the launch in Detroit on April 5th you can also see it live in Dallas: April 25th moderated by Kevin Sutton, GCD Moroch Partners, and in L.A. May 2nd, moderated by David Angelo, Founder & Chairman David&Goliath.

Director, Producer, Cinematographer & Editor: Jordan Brady
Audio Production Juice Studios
Post Production: ArsenalCreative

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Thank you for sharing the news!

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Oh man, I'm near tears laughing at the trailer. "-Where's Yiballs? -Just past Yabooty." These comedians rock. What a great idea for a documentary.