Transavia #UberEscape (2017) 1:30 (France)

It's Groundhog Day in business land, the same breakfast the same shower. What if you could escape for your routine? Transavia partnered wth Uber for one week to find you last minute trips. And the bonkers part is that the price of the flight was included in the Uber price. They sure made it easy to get out of your daily routine, all right. Great idea that not only is a "giveaway," of sorts but also showcases all the many places they fly. Not to mention, fills up those flights that aren't at 100% capacity. Smart. This campaign ran from March 13th to March 17th in Paris, Nantes and Lyon.

Chief Creative Officer: Xavier Beauregard
Art Director: Aurélien Bigot
Copy Writer: Benjamin Le Coz
TV prod: Ingrid Vasseur

Directors: THE CABS

SOUNDS: HRCLS (Hercules)


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This is brilliant! I would totally escape.