Traveler Beer Co. Introduces Unlimited Beer Cans (2016) :23 (USA)

Yes, exactly what it says on the tin... err.. can. Reacting to the news that Budweiser changed their labels for limited edition "America" beer cans, the Traveler Beer Company - makers of the American shandy - announced today the launch of its unlimited edition bottles and cans, available immediately, until further notice. In collaboration with itself, the company created the unlimited edition label with not only the same look and feel as regular Traveler Beer, but also the same design. Exactly.

“The new unlimited edition cans are just like our regular design – because they are our regular design,” said Alan Newman, Founder of The Traveler Beer Company. “Instead of pouring our energy into stunt-y, promotional cans, our focus continues to be on what goes inside those cans: delicious craft beer. What’s more all-American than that?”

Yes, that's the joke, folks. See also the snarky social/print ads.

Unlimited Edition Cans
CLIENT: Traveler Beer
AGENCY: Sleek Machine, Boston
CCO: Tim Cawley
WRITER: Jeff Marois
ACCOUNT DIRECTOR: Danielle Allwein

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