Travelocity "Seek wisdom" (2016) 1:00 (USA)

The Roaming Gnome is dropping some garden variety platitudes that fall into the same category in this spot. Like It's not a vacation it's a journey. Be your own guide. Lose yourself and you might just find yourself. Come back with tales to tell. I'm surprised "Not all who wander are lost," didn't make an appearance.

The Roaming Gnome used to be some hyper prankster. Now he's like that independently wealthy art director we all know who quit his ad job to travel the world and blogs about how life-changing it is and how everyone must do the same or they haven't lived. The Roaming Gnome is the guy who spent a year in Southeast Asia, riding around on some charming 1970's motorcycle, who lived like a king for fifty bucks a week on Khao Lak because Phuket is too touristy. And after his fling with a half-Chinese girl from Ho Chi Minh City comes to an end, he decides to get "spiritual" and spend a six months in an Ashram, and yet still finds the time to update his Insta every day.

At least the destinations speak for themselves.

Client: Travelocity
Agency: Campbell Ewald
President: Kevin Wertz
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Simon
Executive Creative Director: Jo Shoesmith
Director of Production: John Haggerty
Art Director: Kelly Warkentien
Copywriter(s): Mike Rushing, Joe Godard, Kelsey Webster
Account Director: Brian Phelps
Account Executive(s): Brianna Loveland and Kelly Maise
Planning Director: Kari Shimmel
Strategic Planner(s): Chris Marchegiani and Ken Walker
Sara Eolin - Parachute Executive Producer
Sam O'Hare - VFX Lead
Nicole Melius - VFX Producer
Andy Gilbert - 3D Lead
Erik Rassmussen - 2D Lead
Aero Film
Lance O'Connor - Aero Film Executive Producer
Skip Short - Aero Film Executive Producer
Klaus Obermeyer - Aero Film Director
Johan Palm - Director of Photography
Anton Maillie - Line Producer
Cori Cooperider - Aero Film Executive Producer
Marla Whittaker - Aero Film Head of Production
Patrick Knight - Aero Film Post Producer
Editing House: Union Editorial
Editor: Marco Perez
Producer Joe Ross
Music House: Mophonics
Audio Mix: Lime Studios
Mixer: Joel Waters

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"Do not mistake this for copywriting. This is generic. Generic phrases where words give way to empty signifiers. And logic is left a meeting or two behind. So go ahead. Write the worst copy you've ever done. Be your own boss. Write. You won't get get fired. You might just get this signed off. Or at least something really, really similar. But don't bother putting it in your portfolio. Travelocity. Generic phrases."