Trend on this "David Oyelowo" (2015) :30 (USA)

In an effort to get Americans to pay attention to something more important than celebrities, Y&R and the Ad Council enlisted the very same celebrities to "give up," their trending status to make way for something more important: Ebola, which still needs our attention. In this case, the celebrity in question is David Oyelowo, spouting off some fantastically funny tongue twisters based on his name. Oyelowo's Yellow Oboes. Go to to see just how shallow we are, compared to the news that isn't trending.

Client: Ad Council
Agency: Y&R New York
Chief Creative Officer: Leslie Sims
Creative Directors: Marc Sobier, Greg Farley
Copywriter: Anthony DiMichele
Art Director: Brian Cheung
Executive Producer: Craig Jelniker
Producer: Liz Graves
Asst. Producer: Sarah Haroldson
Music Producer: Lauren King
Production Company: HeLo
Director: Alan Poul

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LOVE that he's making fun of his own name. That was hilarious, and hard to pronounce.