Triple deuce badlander combo, with a cherry on top.

Well folks, it happens - we know it happens all the time in creative offices worldwide - the idea diety waves her duality wand and presto, you're in Badland.

Today we look at Panasonic Wet/Dry Shavers vs Edge Shaving cream, Ford 500 vs Harley Davidson and Xbox vs the WWF. A dupliclaim hat trick!

The driving doublet Ford 500 vs Harley Davidson shows two men engaging in daydreaming about owning someone else's nice ride... Both trying to pretend the wheels are theirs, and getting caught. Tut Tut! I know the feeling though, as just the other night I was caught sitting on a sexy Norton motorcycle when the owner stopped by and asked if I sat on every bike I saw. I don't actually, but that Norton was far too much temptation for me.

Ford 500 2004


Harley Davidson 2004

The Car Wash combo. Personally, I hate car washes. Other kids were afraid of clowns, me I was terrified of car washes and cops. Go figure. So why these people would want to shave in a carwash is beyond me. In the Panasonic one the car wash is center of some bizarre foreplay I think. Weird. ;)

Edge gel Car Wash 2000

Panasonic Wet / Dry Shavers Car Wash 2004

And last but not least the Xbox vs WWF match. Just because it's so much fun to watch catfights, and beautyqueen cat fights are the ultimate catfights. If this is a copycatfight is up to you.

Xbox 2004


WWWF 2000

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Hmmmm.....the Ford and Harley spots reminds me of this Volkswagen ad:

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hehehe, well yeah that is another way to lie about owning a car you don't own... So there was a cherry on top, thanks Robblink! :)

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