"Trump Clause" - legal clauses to use in case Trump wins and you emigrate to Canada

Using the current trend to promise moving to Canada if Trump wins (Lena Dunham, the world will hold you to that statement), Grey Canada created the site https://trumpclause.com/. Ha!


It's not totally off the wall, Google Trends says that searches for “How can I move to Canada?” spiked upwards of 1,150% after Trump’s win during Super Tuesday in March. The site is actually a hidden ad for Canadian immigration lawyer, Andy J. Semotiuk at Pace Law in Toronto, and if you need help moving to Canada there's a mailto on the site putting you in touch with him.

Good call!

The site shares these hypothetical legal clauses which you can tweet facebook and share to your heart's content - there not much in the way of actual information on how to get a residence permit in Canada.

Seeing as people like to virtue signal how much they despise Trump creating a sharable set of clauses is very likely to spread, however, it doesn't really tell you who the sender is so this may not help that immigration lawyer.

"The Trump Clause is made up of 10 different clauses, each created and chosen based on data analytics of the most popular and relevant conversations currently being discussed in social media." the release states, for example, "There’s a clause for people who are taking a new job in the U.S. and want their expenses covered both ways if they quit."

I dunno guys, maybe don't take a job in the USA at all if you can't deal with the current nominees?

"There’s another for people who are buying a new house in the U.S. and want the seller to pay them back half the forthcoming depreciation amount. There’s even one to get you out of a long-distance relationship with someone living in the U.S." The clauses seem more childish than funny, this is an idea that sort of failed somewhere half-way along the way.

Why would anyone buy property in a country where they don't want to live?

I mean, apart from Chinese rich kids currently busy buying Canada.

It might just be the tone that failed to hit the mark. The logo is pretty cute though!

Meanwhile, Trump has been asked for his reaction regarding Lena Dunham. "Well, she’s a B actor and has no mojo. I heard Whoopi Goldberg said that too – that would be a great, great thing for our country if she got out. We’ll get rid of Rosie? Oh I love it. Now I have to get elected because I’ll be doing a great service to our country. I have to. Now it’s much more important. In fact, I’ll immediately get off this call and start campaigning right now," Trump said on Fox News making light of the statements. Donald don't care.

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