Truth in Advertising - (2000) (USA)

Truth in advertising has been emailed around the world!

It's been making the rounds and you all want to see it - truth in advertising the film, here. Hilarious take on how life would look if we said what we really meant.

Avion Film Co. in Toronto produced this film that Tim Hamilton directed, and wrote together with David Chiavegato. These are just two parts - more are on their way and Michael Schwartz at Avion promises to give us a nudge when the rest of it is posted on the net.

Do not miss the sequel THE REEL TRUTH

Avion Films

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I don't see what's so funny about it.

-Overpaid Creative Director Who Is Too Old To Do Work Himself

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Production is nothing like this.

-- producer who won't admit that it's like this.

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As funny as this is, it makes me wonder why more of this kind of humor is absent. There must be some world dominating entity making sure the truth about this industry is buried and forgotten.

RIP Avion Film Co. [ insert dead link here ].

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An update:
Every time I see this in my favorite list I vector to search mode and try to find a better quality video. I did not throw in the towel on search returning the same old tired, badly transcoded, resized (improper upscale) and in general Fu*up video; don't get me started on the audio.

As of now, 02:15 CET tomorrow or 20:15 EDT today, I have a watchable version of the original 12:06 minute film. I transcoded and properly upscaled the film so it won't burn your eyes out watching it on a decent display, i.e., 27" iMac or simular. As you would expect it has minor flaws due to the state of the source video.

Run #3 Looks Good
Duration: 0:12:06
Data Size: 1.78 GB
Bit Rate: 21.06 Mbps

Video Tracks:
Motion JPEG A, 960 × 530, 29.97 fps, 19.65 Mbps

Audio Tracks:
16-bit Big Endian stereo, 44.1 kHz, 1.41 Mbps

Stream Files:
Truth In (1.78 GB)

Run #5 Looks Okay Full Screen (A bit of color washing.)
Duration: 0:12:06
Data Size: 332.34 MB
Bit Rate: 3.84 Mbps

Video Tracks:
H.264, 1280 × 720, 29.97 fps, 3.71 Mbps

Audio Tracks:
MPEG-4 Audio stereo, 44.1 kHz, 126 kbps

Stream Files:
Truth In (332.34 MB)

Unfortunately, I think these two files fall into the category - "work around". Two be or not two be, that is the dilemma. This early film is on an out-of-print DVD, in a junk box in someone's closet, as a mouse's bedroom floor.

BTW Avion Films did not die off as much as it morphed into some company with 2008 ish internet presence.
I just thought, "The large block of time spent on this video was allocated to real work; getting gear ready for the beach."
. ;-)

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Do you still have that better version? ;)

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somewhere in 10TB

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Hahaha and you just DM:ed me on Twitter about this again.