Turkish dairy brand SEK mocks hipsters with launch of their non pretentious iced coffee

BLAB, an independent advertising agency based in Istanbul, Turkey has helped dairy brand SEK launch their new non-pretentious iced coffee - with a campaign called "the crying hipsters". Each commercial in their campaign takes place on "Hipster Hill", in the local beanery, showing hipster having "hipsteria" attacks when things aren't going their way. Like below, where a man fails to get the name of his coffee order right. The only solution to his anguish is a SEK Iced Coffee.


(Hipster) -Hey, can I have a double average (inaudible) coffee (Barista correcting him) - You mean a double average whatever coffee. (Hipster) - Waaail (Hipsterette) - Oh no, he's having a hipsteria attack. Can someone call 911? The commercials received over 10 million in Turkey, and created a lot of buzz, especially among hipsters who claim they're not hipsters. In this advert, disaster strikes in the form of a tiny coffee spill, which is a good opportunity to explain that SEK's iced coffee can bring hipster relief, and has a big hole.


(Hipster) - It's on my espadrille! (wail) VO: I'll tell you something, but don't cry. We made our coffee bottle with a bigger hole, so you can't spill. SEK Iced Coffee. (Hipster wailing) - I can also see the inside! BLAB explains: "As this generation of pretension and aloofness comes to an end, SEK positions itself as the coffee brand of the post-hipster era. With its new minimal packaging, it successfully shows that it’s catered towards anyone who enjoys coffee, free of pretension." What a fun strategy, and who knew they loathed hipsters in Turkey too? The art direction of this campaign is spot on - suggesting that it may have been done by a reformed hipster - right down to the brand-flag super that opens each commercial. You can learn more about BLAB at https://blabistanbul.com.


VO: I'll tell you something but don't cry. We made our coffee with a lid so you can put in your bag. SEK Iced Coffee. (Hipster) OMG Shut up! Two hands is amazing! So good, wow.

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Where are the creative team members' names?

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It's a small agency and this is how they asked to be credited.

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Couple of comments. First, I love your "handle," (does anyone use that term anymore, or am I showing my age?) the name you write under. "Dabitch." I approve. :-D Also, as for these cute commercials, I do wish there were subtitles for those of us who don't comprehend the language, because I think they'd be even funnier if we knew what they were saying. *shrug*

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Oh yes, you're showing your age - "handle" is so very 90s (...which is when I started using it... ) ;)

...and good point about the subtitles, I'll translate the commercials in the posts - I honestly thought that I had the subtitled versions, my bad.

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Spot translations now in italics.