Twin ad ideas make a big splash

Everyone has wanted to do this dive at least once, right? Right?

That'll make a big splash. In fact, it'll sound a lot like this one, I'd venture to guess.

(note; hit play to play the Quicktime movie).

[image via coloribus]


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Awesome! Great catch!

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For ages I've been trying to figure out if there's some pattern with how some ads are national and others are used globally -- I still don't know. But that top dive-bombing ad looks a lot like a TVC for a beer, Hahn Ice, here. The woman languidly strips of the robe and steps into the hot tub, then the guy races into the room, takes a running leap and splashes water everywhere ie. it's a boys beer.

That underdaks one I could swear was made here too.

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Aye, that Hahn Ice one is an Oz ad - dunno about the Underdaks one.

Speaking of splashes though, I just remembered this one Swedish ad for Comviq (not badland-related, just a big splash..)

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That one is sweeter somehow...