Twitter - See What's Happening - (2016) :30 (USA)

Twitter continue to create TV commercials for the US audience in the hopes of luring more users to the platform. This ad touts Twitter as a window to the world, but seems to forget that North America isn't 90% of the world. It just is in this commercial. It starts with a bigger view, Japan, India, Brazil and then a - to me - jarring image of Amsterdam & a bike. NEEDLE-SCRATCH, hold up, what does that say? "Hvad sker der?" That Danish, not Dutch where you would say "Watskeburt?" or maybe "Hoe gaat het?"

Now I know both Denmark and Holland have cutesy capital cities where riding a bike is part of the cityscape, as I've lived in both cities and therefore know both of these languages, but how on earth did you get them mixed up? You couldn't arrange a more "clueless American tourist" feel to an ad if you tried. What's happening is you not paying attention to the details, Twitter. That's what.

Client: Twitter

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