U by Kotex - Reality Check - (2010) :30

Selling tampons with satire! Just as long as you don't say "vagina!

Merrie Harris, global business director at JWT, said that after being informed that it could not use the word vagina in advertising by three broadcast networks, it shot the ad cited above with the actress instead saying “down there,” which was rejected by two of the three networks. (Both Ms. Harris and representatives from the brand declined to specify the networks.)
“It’s very funny because the whole spot is about censorship,” Ms. Harris said. “The whole category has been very euphemistic, or paternalistic even, and we’re saying, enough with the euphemisms, and get over it. Tampon is not a dirty word, and neither is vagina.”

Quote from New York Times

Kimberly-Clark Kotex
Tagline: Break the cycle
ad agency: JWT

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I like the idea but don't like the actress they chose. But hey, it's a start to end of the white pants ads hopefully. ;)

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I like the actress. If she were blond(er) and happier, one might interpret her subdued dead-pan sarcasm as being ditzy. She could have cranked it up a bit at the end, but "sometimes in slow motion" is perfect.

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Thanks to Tina Fey, we know NBC allows "cooter".